Ghosts of the American Road


Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Twilight suits you well

Shadows and pastels

Violet blends with indigo and slowly starts to melt.


There goes the horizon

Here comes Jupiter

A moment of perfection in this less-than-perfect world

When I was holding on

Holding on…

to you.


Moonlight soft and pale

Stars peek through the veil

A ship floats in the harbor

Can you see it’s flowing sails?


It’s setting off for Dreamland

You’d best get underway

Please carry my love with you

Upon God’s celestial waves

And I’ll be holding on

Holding on…

to you.


Always know my love will find you,

You are tethered to my heart.

I will never let you go.

Even if a bitter wind leaves you scared and cold,

you’re not alone.


In the morning when you rise

May morning birds stop by

And perch outside your window

Serenade you for awhile.


Dress yourself in happiness,

Set out with a smile,

Remember I am with you

Every moment, every mile.

And I’ll keep holding on

Holding on…

I’ll be holding on

Holding on…

to you.


(c) Kevin Higgins