Ghosts of the American Road

First Review!

Posted on Apr 27, 2015




Texas Music Magazine, Spring 2015, Issue #62




Hill Country singer/songwriter Kevin Higgins has been quietly amassing one of the best catalogs in modern folk over the past couple of decades, productive yet obscure, maybe best known for co-fronting the Cosmic Dust Devils with his partner in life and music Barbara Malteze. She’s along for the ride and then some on this project as well, a slight departure from the jug-band folkiness of their Dust Devils work with a shade more mainstream rock influence in the mix. Natural counterpoints on the mic—Higgins’ deep, dusty twang alternating with Malteze’s earthy blues-mama gusto—they follow Higgins’ lyrical musings across the map from Springsteen-worthy anthems (“Bittersweet” would be a full-fledged heartland radio hit in a perfect world) to subtler, more personal tributes to family history (“Honor”, “Monroe County”). There’s a recurring theme in the works, reflected in the name shared by the band and their self-titled album, a concept of being haunted by one’s own restlessness that’s difficult to describe or grasp even after repeated listens but remains moving and compelling all the same.

(Mike Messick)