Ghosts of the American Road


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“Highly recommended to anyone who loves great songs & great performances!” -Jerry Tubb (Multi-Grammy Nominated CEO and Chief Mastering Engineer, Terra Nova Mastering, Austin, TX)

“…a Springsteen-worthy anthem, ‘Bittersweet’ would be a full-fledged heartland radio hit in a perfect world.” (Mike Messick, Texas Music Magazine)
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Kevin’s solo CD

(51st annual Grammy award consideration, “Contemporary Folk/Americana Album”)

(Awarded: Texas Music Awards “Song of the Year” – Monahans)

(Awarded: Texas Music Awards “Song of the Year” – Find Your Shine)

“If William Faulkner was from West Texas, played guitar and wrote songs, they might sound like this.” (Stephen Doster, producer)

“‘Monahans’ is the aural version of The Last Picture Show. ‘Alone Star’ is the best song John Prine never wrote.” (Eddie White, Cosmic Cowboy Cafe radio show, Australia)
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