Ghosts of the American Road

Hello from Wisconsin!

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

working in WIKevin and I left our beloved farmhouse in Texas on Tuesday night and have made our way to the beautiful home of Betsy Alles and Eric Pekrul near Sheboygan, WI. To say “beautiful” is an understatement! I am sitting on their little sunporch, overlooking Lake Michigan, watching the sky change before my eyes. Ominous clouds are forming yet we are safe and warm inside. I am working, long distance with my wonderful web designer, Jason Lively (Lively Productions, Austin), as we put together this new website. So, if you are reading this…my first post…welcome! This is an exciting time for Kevin and myself, as we launch our new duo, “Ghosts of the American Road.” Before us, (on this autumn tour from now until early December,) the road stretches out with house concerts, visits with family and friends along the way, a NERFA conference (our first time attending this gathering of folkies, music industry-types, and music lovers), and hopefully a “working visit” with our artist friend, Karen Helgensen in Nashville on our way home. Tonight, we are expecting a sold-out show, (even though we are competing with Lily Tomlin’s tour and ultra-hip Halloween parties in the area). Betsy and Eric’s place is so lovely, we can’t wait to set up and play music in their living room. Some folks actually reserved seats up on the staircase landing, overlooking the living room with gorgeous cathedral ceilings. Betsy’s sister Cindy Ivy and hubby husband Marvin, (our dear friends) surprised us by greeting us at the door upon our arrival last night. Listening to the laughter and conversation of two sisters downstairs in the kitchen makes me miss my sisters something fierce. Oh, well…I will be seeing them soon enough. In the meantime, our “soft release” bulk of CD’s have arrived here at Betsy’s house, along with assorted other items for NERFA that I ordered online before leaving Texas, (banner/business cards/postcards)…you get the gist. Betsy laughingly referred to her home as our “shipping warehouse.” Well, it’s time to sort thru these items now and start hauling in gear for tonight’s show. More later… (B.)