Ghosts of the American Road

Find Your Shine

Posted on Nov 6, 2013

Don’t look now, but here comes Johnny Raincloud
cutting in on your little slice of sky.
Girl, you’d think by now that noise would die down,
even now that distant thunder’s weighing heavy on your mind.
And I know you feel like running, you want to go and find your smile…

In Carefree, Arizona…Live Easy, Pennsylvania,
and change your state of mind.
Opportunity, Nebraska or Allgood, Alabama,
let’s leave this all behind and find your shine.

Last night you cried and said you missed your Grandpa,
all the lessons that were given out of love.
Comes a time we learn to cut our losses,
he always said to measure twice, then just cut once.
Nothing ever lasts forever, ‘cept for the everlasting life.

We’ll go to Paradise, Kansas…or Comfort, Texas,
to change your state of mind.
Thankful, North Carolina or Little Heaven, Delaware,
we’ll leave this all behind and find your shine.

With every silver lining comes a little chance for rain.

Don’t look now, (you’ve got your head in the clouds).
Have faith and be aware…
the sun is always shining somewhere!

In Sunlight, Montana…Pleasant, Indiana,
Sunshine, Maryland.
Delightful, Ohio…Hope, New Mexico,
Dreamland, Michigan.
Okay, Oklahoma…Freedom, Wyoming,
Allright, Illinois.
Good Intent, New Jersey…Good Luck, Mississippi,
What Cheer, Iowa.
Happy Camp, California…Benevolence, Georgia,
Welcome, Minnesota…Friendly, West Virginia,
Wynot, Nebraska?

© Kevin Higgins