Ghosts of the American Road

First of May

Posted on Dec 24, 2014

Hey…feels like the first of May

Not a cloud in the sky,

Not a cloud in my mind.


Blue, big beautiful blue

The sun’s shining bright,

So bright that we’ll find your shine.


Cool breeze rushes over the fields

Fledglings are flying,

New foals are galloping free.


You smile…and your smile says it all…


The world is in motion, we’re all in the flow

Where life sends us, Heaven only knows.

But, Heaven knows where we are.


Daydream by a clear running stream

Rushing over the stones,

Smoothing over our souls.


Let’s run…let the joy fill our lungs.

Run until we collapse,

Laughing in the tall grass.


And, so…as the hills turn to gold

You tell me you love me

As we turn for home, sweet home.


Someday, we’ll look back and say,

“Remember that moment? Remember that day?

We really blossomed that first day of May.”


Everything’s all right…everything flows

And, where life sends us, Heaven only knows.


Heaven knows where we are.


(c) Kevin Higgins